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Ball Bearing Advantages

In addition to reducing friction (and consequently wear) to almost the absolute minimum, the Deep groove  ball bearing has certain general advantages. These are: —

POWER SAVING – With the truest rolling motion of any type of bearing, ball bearings reduce friction appreciably over roller bearings, and even more over plain bearing, under ideal or laboratory conditions. Actually, the saving in power consumption, depends upon a number of factors in the installation, but, other things being equal, will be greater with ball bearings.
LUBRICATION AND LABOR SAVING – Constant oiling of plain bearings is expensive and troublesome. Both in the cost of lubricant and in maintenance labor (due to less frequent replenishment), ball bearings can effect great economy.
RELIABILITY – By virtue of their practically frictionless non wearing operation, ball bearings eliminate the expensive and time-consuming rebabbitting and replacing of plain bearings. No adjustment, repair or attention is necessary other than periodical lubrication.
CLEANLINESS – Particularly with ball bearing power transmission units,where grease is used as the lubricant rather than oil, is leakage eliminated.
REDUCED FIRE HAZARDS – Running cool and clean, ball bearings can eliminate the fire hazard from the conditions presented by overheated and oily plain bearings.
INCREASED PRODUCTION – The savings in power resulting from the use of ball bearings have often permitted the use of higher speeds, smaller motors or additional equipment, without other changes being necessary.
INCREASED LIFE OF ASSICIATED EQUIPMENT – By eliminating the initial starting strain which is present in plain bearings after idleness, such equipment as motors and belts is relieved of the starting torques which materially shorten life. Shaft life is likewise indefinitely prolonged, as the constant rubbing friction is eliminated. In fact, nearly all the parts directly associated with ball bearing installations benefit from their use.




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