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pump installation

If you have an industrial pump, in order to ensure its efficient working it is important that it is correctly installed. The experts are of the view that the main reason for varied pump problems is incorrect installation. In addition to this, it reduces the life of the pump as well. So, this blog will contain all the key steps that are required for a correct installation of a water pump.

Foundation –

Lot of people tend to ignore this step during the new installation. Alas, this ignorance can lead to various chronic problems which can lead to various other critical issues. You can be rest assured that the pump will have efficient functioning and longevity when it has a proper foundation. The key industrial rule for the centrifugal pumps is that the size of the foundation needs to be 3 to 5 times the pump’s mass.

Installation of the base

Now, it is the installation of the base of the foundation. It has to be ensured that the base is properly leveled and flat. Measuring the flatness is to be done via manufacturer, you can make sure that foundation is enough flat. Flatness is a state that cannot be measured, but you can make sure that the foundation is enough flat. The flatness also may differ from the manufacturer, types of the base and the application.

As per the experts, the axial level should be set first. If the unit is not properly leveled, the following procedure of the alignment can be arduous and more likely to be incorrect. There are pumps which has a particular state of level for the lubrication in order to function efficiently.

Installation of pump and drivers –

Both the driver and the pump should be installed on the baseplate. Following a standard installation process, the pump should be installed directly on the base. Till the time it is not mentioned by OEM design, ensure that it is not shimmed.

Lubrication –

Adding correct oil and maintaining the right level of the oil in the bearing housing of the pump is important.

Initial alignment check –

Make sure that this step is not overlooked as it can bring some unnecessary problems in the later stages. If the base is grouted and the piping has been installed, then making changes is not a good idea.

Installation of the pipes –

The best and the adopted method of piping is to pipe away from the pump. If it is done this way, then the chances for pipe strain will be quite less.

Settings –

There are certain settings that needs to be checked. These comprise of mechanical seal settings, bearing lift, impeller axial adjustments, balance drum settings and rotor centralization. Make sure you have checked whether the unit is rotating without any obstruction.





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This entry was posted on October 27, 2015 by in Water Pumps.
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