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What Is Bearing ?

Bearings are highly engineered, precision-made components that enable machinery to move at extremely high speeds and carry remarkable loads with ease and efficiency.

Bearings must be able to offer high precision, reliability and durability, as well as the ability to rotate at high speeds with minimal noise and vibration.

Bearings are found in applications ranging from automobiles, airplanes, computers, construction equipment, machine tools, DVD players, refrigerators and ceiling fans.

If something twists, turns or moves, it probably has a bearing in it.

 Common Types of Bearings :

Ball Bearings

Cylindrical & Needle
Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearings



Genral Bearing Types

There are at least 6 common types of bearing, each of which operates on different principles:

Plain bearing, also known by the specific styles: bushing, journal bearing, sleeve bearing, rifle bearing
Rolling-element bearing such as ball bearings and roller bearings
Jewel bearing, in which the load is carried by rolling the axle slightly off-center
Fluid bearing, in which the load is carried by a gas or liquid
Magnetic bearing, in which the load is carried by a magnetic field
Flexure bearing, in which the motion is supported by a load element which bends.

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